Turtles Make Unique Pets for Your Child

Turtles can be great pets for children. They are such interesting creatures and children adore them. If you want to get the turtle for your child, you first have to determine the species of the turtle that your child wants. There are many turtle species, and each one is unique and interesting in its own way. There are two types of turtles that you may choose from:

1. Terrestrial turtles

These turtles spend most of their time on land because they need to hibernate during the winter and they need the sun during the day. A UV lamp can also be used to provide your pet with sunlight for 12 hours. They are very sensitive to temperature changes and they need to live at 80° during the day and seventy degrees at night. Water is essential not only as something to drink but also for swimming.

2. Aquatic turtles

These turtles spend the majority of their time near swampy areas or lakes with mud. Just like the terrestrial turtles, they bask in the sun during the day and swim to cool themselves off. The painted turtle is considered the most difficult to take care of since it is a very complicated creature.

After deciding on which type of turtle you want for your child, you may proceed in determining what tank size you should use. A forty-gallon tank is highly recommended to allow some room for land and water. Plants in the tank should be edible for your turtle since they tend to feed on the plants that surround them. If you have no idea which plants are safe and which are not, go to your local pet shop and ask a professional. Try to avoid the wood chips and barks as they harbor bacteria and mold that the turtle will eventually eat. Wood chips also cause blockages in the intestines of the turtle.

You also need to know what type of food you should feed your turtle. Turtles often feed on lettuce, goldfish, special feed sticks, insects, and berries. Be sure to ask what type of food is suitable since some species differ in their food type. Water is also important and it should be natural spring water or non-chlorinated water. Never use tap water as this contains harmful chemicals and bacteria that may enter the turtle’s body.

Determining a turtle’s habitat needs is essential so that you may be able to give it the proper care that it deserves. Turtles are wonderful creatures that will surely make great pets for your children. Just remember that they are very sensitive creatures and that they need to hibernate for longer life.

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