Berkeley Bowl – Details About Senior Hours You Must Know

Hey guys, have you ever heard about senior hours? If the answer to this is a No, then you are at the right platform to get answers. You should not avoid taking advantage of hours such as senior hours, kids hours, etc., which will save your time. Nowadays, almost every retail store or chain is providing such a time where those hours are dedicated to a certain class of people. Here, we are talking about senior citizens or the senior class of people who have disabilities and health issues. If not completely ended, but the covid-19 pandemic took a serious toll on us here. It changed and altered the human lifestyle. Overcrowded places and spots should be completely avoided, but retail chains and stores do not have any issue with it. Berkeley Bowl is one of the most popular and well-known retail chains which have been providing Berkeley Bowl senior hours.

Here, only senior citizens with disabilities and health issues are allowed to shop without facing crowds and other shoppers. There are some details about senior hours which should be known to you. It becomes very easy for senior citizens and people with disabilities with less immunity to still go out and shop for themselves freely. There are many other benefits of senior hours of Berkeley Bowl on Friday from 8 am to 9 am and on Sunday from 9 am to 10 am. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at details about senior hours you must know.

Covid protocols and safety

We all are facing a global pandemic and threat where it is becoming very tough for retail chains to manage the crowd. In such times, covid protocols are very tough to follow as people are not following norms. In this case, senior citizens or people with less immunity or with disabilities face crowds in retail stores like Berkeley bowl. This will not be the case with you as the senior hours are available for senior citizens twice a week. These two days are the best days for senior citizens to step out to shop.

Twice a week

You should know that seniors at Berkeley bowl are available twice a week, which is one Friday and Sunday. It becomes very easy for senior citizens and people with disabilities to work out and shop for them. The timing of senior hours at Berkeley Bowl is very flexible, which is 8 am to 9 am, and 9 am to 10 am on Sunday. This timing is quite flexible for senior citizens to shop from the retail chain, which is Berkeley Bowl.

Schedules and exceptions

You should know that a proper dual is followed by the Berkeley bowl to allow senior citizens to come at a specific time. This specific time is very flexible for senior citizens and people with disabilities or with compromised immunity to get out of the house and purchase items for them. Due to schedules and exemptions, it becomes very easy for senior citizens to purchase or Shop without facing crowded stores.

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